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Full-Service Interior Design in Blaine, Minnesota

If you are considering hiring an Interior Designer in Blaine, schedule a consultation with Gina Wolleat. At Room Reimagined Design, Gina and her team specialize in one thing – beautiful interior design and home decorating! It is our mission to create spaces that reflect your taste and your lifestyle. Whether your design project requires the perfect window treatments to make your room pop or if you’d like to furnish your entire home, we have the product catalogs and ideas to suit your every need and fit your budget.

How We Work

Gina Wolleat at Room Reimagined Design brings residential and commercial design experience to every project, big or small.  We have access to over 150 brand-name suppliers, resources, and manufacturers. We can meet all of your aesthetic and functional expectations. Gina and her team will work with you from the idea stage through the delivery and final installation of the products.

Your First Appointment is Complimentary

In our initial meeting, which will last between one to two hours, we’ll delve into the details of your project. It’s a chance for us to learn everything we can about your preferences in terms of color and style, your lifestyle, how you envision the space working for you, and your budget for the project. Gathering this foundational information plays a crucial role in tailoring a design uniquely to you and your space, ensuring an exceptional outcome.

Moving the project forward

By the end of our initial meeting, we will identify the design components and products needed to bring your vision to life. Following this, we will calculate a design fee based on the project’s scope. Should you decide to proceed, this fee will encompass all design services and the sample materials required for your specific project.

Presenting your designs

During your second meeting, Gina will present a comprehensive design proposal that aligns with your budget and vision. The presentation will feature digital visuals and physical samples. This will provide a clear picture of the potential transformation of your room(s). You’ll find making decisions smooth and straightforward, thanks to the flexibility and variety of options included in your plan. Room Reimagined Design is committed to refining the plan until you’re thrilled with every aspect of it.

Finalizing your design plan

After you’ve given your approval of your design plan, we’ll finalize the agreement, and the transformation will begin! From then on, we’ll handle all the specifics. You can simply relax and look forward to the unveiling of your new space!


Home Interior Design in Blaine

The porch design images below are from a home in Stillwater Minnesota that Gina Wolleat designed in which Room Reimagined Design Wins Third Place in the Midwest Home Design Contest with a Unique Porch Design.

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At Room Reimagined Design, Gina Wolleat and her team can help bring your vision to life for your home in Blaine. Our product selections include window treatments, furniture, rugs, artwork, accessories, wallpaper and so much more!

Contact us today at (651) 387-3861 and let’s work together to make your home more beautiful.

About Blaine, Minnesota

Blaine is a city in Anoka County, Minnesota. The city is part of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area with a population of 57,186. In Blaine’s early history, the township’s growth remained slow until after World War II when starter home developments began to spring up. The southern part of the town where these developments took place changed Blaine from a rural town to a more suburban one.

Blaine Resources:

National Sports Center – The National Sports Center (NSC) is the world’s largest amateur sports facility, bringing in 4 million visitors each year. The NSC is considered the most visited sports facility in the state.

Anoka County Library – There are ten branch libraries around Anoka County, with the Northtown Central Library located in Blaine. The Anoka County Library is dedicated to providing a wealth of resources and experiences to enrich the lives of residents.

Blaine Medical Center – The doctors at Blaine Medical Center are committed to improving the health of all patients and people of the community. The medical center specializes in Family Medicine (Family Practice), Pediatrics, OB/GYN (women’s health), Surgery, and Nutrition Services.