Custom Picture Frames For Your Artwork

Custom picture frames on artworkCustom Picture Frames

Custom picture frames for your artwork can be simple, yet provide a massive change to your space. It can turn your blank walls into a self-expression canvas or create a beautiful focal point in your home.

Do you have a picture in your home currently that you love, but the frame is dated? Or maybe you are an artist and you have beautiful sketches or painted canvas laying around. Maybe you don’t have any artwork because you can never find the right print/size.

We can help you custom design the size, color & forms of your artwork with a new frame that matches your current

home design.


Choices, choices, choices!

Room Re-imagined Design can help you source artwork, frames, and color selection. We love to install custom-framed artwork into your home. Here are some of the unique ways we can serve you:


We have access to over thirty thousand prints varying in color, style, and patterns with a wide variety of categories that are available to us to choose from.


There are nearly unlimited different size options for either art paper or gallery-wrapped canvas, which can help ensure the perfect fit.


There are over forty different styles of frames to choose from. They vary in style, color, and price range.

Finishing touches

You also have your choice between a liner, a mat, or glazing to add some extra character to your custom piece of art.

Hire an Interior Designer

If you are interested in having your artwork framed and need some help, or would just like someone to handle it for you, contact Gina at (651) 387-3861 or submit our contact form. We’ll schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas and help you achieve the perfect piece of framed art for your home or spaces.



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