How To Realign Your Bedroom

Bedroom Feels… Time For A Change?

How does your bedroom feel? Cluttered, outdated, or just not you anymore? Maybe it’s time to realign your bedroom.

Interior design projects are always exciting and refreshing. If you’re walking into your bedroom feeling dread or unrest – it is time for a change!

Before you go painting your walls and ordering furniture online, you should remember the important things, the do’s and don’ts of bedroom redecorating. Choice and placement of color, furniture, and accessories can change the way you feel when you enter the room. So, it is important that you get it right (and avoid having to do it multiple times).

These are the most common mess-ups when it comes to bedroom design.

Mess Up #1. Rug is the wrong size

Having a rug in your bedroom is an easy way to make it more comfortable, add your own flare, and help pull everything together. Make sure you pay attention to the size though, it can make or break a room. According to Megna Gorelick, “If you have an area carpet in a bedroom, it needs to cover the majority of the room,” Gorelick told Insider. “People often skimp on this because they feel it’s wasted under the bed, but your bedroom should feel super cozy.”

Our Suggestion – Place an area rug underneath your bed. You want it to be at least a couple of feet wider than your bed and placed so that there are at least a couple of feet showing at the end of the bed.

Realign your bedroom with an area rug under the bed

The correct-sized rug really defines the space and completes it as a whole.

Mess up #2: The walls are too “loud”

Having a unique accent wall can definitely bring the “wow” factor, but it can have negative consequences to the aura of your bedroom. A bedroom is a place to go for peace and relaxation, not to have your mind run wild.

Our Suggestion – Use the bold pops of color in your accent pieces, window coverings, bedsheets, or artwork, rather than painting the walls a bright color. Studies have shown that muted blues, greens, and neutral colors have the best relaxation response in the psyche. A bonus to using bold colors in less permanent objects is that you can change them out whenever you want. Plus, it takes a lot less time and money. Simple ideas to realign your bedroom.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. While you are in the process of bedroom design you should consider some tips on how to get your beauty sleep.

Neutral painted walls with pops of color in the befroom

Paint the walls neutral and bring out pops of color through accessories & artwork.

Mess Up #3: Too many accessories

When you’re considering redoing your bedroom, remember to think, “What Do I Want From This Space?” & “How Will This Room Serve Me?” Your bedroom is supposed to be a place that you can declutter your mind and unravel from the day. Extra clutter and personal items can damage this safe place.

Our SuggestionWhen redecorating your bedroom, Simple is Safe. All you need is a couple of accent pieces placed in strategic locations, some greenery to help bring in the biophilic feel and healthy indoor living, and some wall décor. Remember that Simple is Safe when considering big changes.

minimized wall and surface clutter to realign your bedroom

Minimize wall & surface clutter to complete the relaxed yet polished look.

Mess Up #4: You haven’t called a Professional Interior Designer from Room Reimagined Design

When you don’t have a lot of experience in design and decor, you might find it more difficult to get started or bring those dreams to reality. Taking on a bedroom redesign, especially on your own, can bring up a whole list of questions. Don’t worry though, because all of this can be avoided with professional help.

Our SuggestionCall a Professional Decorator/Designer from Room Reimagined Design for further assistance! Decorating a space can be intimidating, especially if you have a plethora of ideas that you cannot seem to bring together. Give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation and develop a game plan for making your bedroom or any room, all that it can be!

Realign Your Bedroom with Room Reimagined Interior Design

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