Is Maximalism In Home Decor For You?

What is maximalism?

Minimalism in interior design is characterized by austerity and laconism in decor. As the name suggests, all things are kept to a minimum. Paint colors are neutral (usually white), most furniture is multifunctional, décor is used sparingly, and you are met with the design of a room itself, versus what fills it. Think more of a Scandinavian design, function over frill.

“Taking a leap of faith is the first step in committing to maximalism design.”

On the other hand, Maximalism is the complete opposite. As interior designer Beth Diana Smith explained to The Washington Post, maximalism follows the concept that more is more.

Maximalism in Home Decoration - living room example


Maximalism is:

  • expressive.
  • unusual.
  • powerful.
  • striking.

Creating a “wow factor”

It is combining different shapes with fun textures, patterns, and colors while having fun and creating something really beautiful that speaks to who you are.

“Maximalism is about surrounding yourself with the things that you love,” Smith told the Washington Post. “It can be art, decor, furniture, anything at all, but it all boils down to layering those things beautifully together in a strategic way. For me, the goal is to always create a “wow factor.”

Maximalism in main living room

Try different patterns & textures that you aren’t sure of.

Try The Maximalist Style

If you’re looking to try the maximalist style, here are some ideas to point you in the right direction:

Express yourself

Self-expression in home design can be fun, but you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Interior designer Melissa Rufty told The Washington Post that Taking a leap of faith is the first step in committing to maximalism design.

“It’s more of an attitude than it is an approach,” Rufty said. You have to be brave and confident and know that, in this attitude, there is no self-expression that is wrong.”

Self expression in maximalism design


Be creative with color and artwork

Maximalism is all about playing with color & shape. One way to complete this is with a new coat of paint. Be creative and step out of the box with a bold hue like plum, burnt orange, or deep blue. The next step is to experiment with various light fixture styles and artwork/accessories with intricate lines, shapes, and colors. Details, details, details.

An eclectic or geometric wallpaper can change a room completely.

Switch up your furniture

You don’t need to stick with one style of furniture with maximalism like you would with more traditional styles. Experiment with different patterns, colors, and textures in your furniture — just make sure they all work well with each other and bring out new aspects of design.

Don’t fill the void

Even though maximalism sounds a bit noisy and chaotic, there is a balance to it. The last thing you want to do is create a space that’s cluttered. Negative space allows the room and objects in the said room to breathe. It also gives certain pieces in the living space the opportunity to be the center of attention, the focal point.

This could be as simple as painting an accent wall and leaving it bare – no decoration needed. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose a bold and exciting color or a fun geometric wallpaper.

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