Kitchen Island Features To Consider

The perfect Kitchen Island is sought after for many different reasons. I mean, who doesn’t want a beautiful island in their kitchen? They provide extra surface area to work on and they can also provide extra seating and additional storage.

Why should you be thinking about kitchen islands? There are many features to think about when it comes to designing one. Some indisputable benefits are:

  1. Kitchen islands can be accessed from all sides, maximizing your space and giving more in terms of usage and functionality than merely traditional countertops against your walls.
  2. They can become a nice focal point of your kitchen, as they can have a look and feel of the furniture. You can add seating such as kitchen stools to create a focal gathering seating area for you, your guests, and your family. We all know that our guests love to congregate in the kitchen!
  3. Having a kitchen island helps you and your family to enjoy modern living in more open-plan spaces.  This area can help accommodate multiple cooks, party guests, children doing their homework, or even a temporary office or workspace during the day.
  4. A kitchen island beautifully combines function and style.
  5. Holiday baking. It’s all about the cookies!

Below, we will talk about four different features. First Oversized, Second Statement, Third Storage, and Fourth Seating.

Oversized islands

Oversized islands are first on the list because with this feature, usually comes the other three benefits. An oversized island provides extra storage (sometimes on both sides), ample seating room, a statement due to its scale, and of course, a ton more counter space.

Oversized kitchen island i modern home

The oversized island in this beautiful farmhouse kitchen is a striking, central hub for all activity.

Statement Islands

There are many ways to create a statement piece out of your island. Some examples are using color, texture, a unique design shape and/or size, upholstered chairs, lighting, and accessories. It is all about having the island pop or contrast from whatever surrounds it. It commands your eye’s attention and creates a beautiful change in scenery.

Statement kitchen island in modern home design

The dark wood island contrasts well with the white cabinetry behind it. The upholstered chairs and light fixtures add an element of character to the design.

Island storage

One of the main reasons people decide to have an island put into their kitchen is for extra storage. That might mean several deep drawers that pull out, cabinetry doors that open for interior shelving, or open shelving.

This is a great example of a multifunctional island. It has a second, smaller sink, a small seating section at the end to double as a breakfast area, and open shelves that are used to store cookbooks, serving dishes, and other decorative items.

Kitchen island storage example in luxury home

Sometimes a small island will do. You don’t need a huge island if you already have a lot of storage and countertop surface.

Island seating

Our last feature is seating. There is an endless supply of seating ideas for an island. It depends on the shape of the island as well as the room and purpose you have for it. Sometimes this means a smaller island like above and sometimes it means creating a designated dining area connected to the island. Having a purposeful design can help accommodate the family gathering.

connected Island seating vs dining room table

Having your dining “table” as part of the island can work a lot better with the flow of family lives. It can also be a great space saver.

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