Modern Twist to Revamping Your Home Office

Home offices have become an important and necessary part of our lives.  Creating a secluded space that properly accommodates your needs when it comes to work is important to us. Having a space that envelopes peace & tranquility can really change your mindset – all it takes is a properly balanced layout and the use of Modernism.

Modern Home Office in White

The last few years have brought on the idea of working from home for many. While some people may be returning to their offices within the next few months, remote work will remain popular if given the opportunity.

Create a Functional Home Office

Having a functional home office in your house was a priority for 2020. Some even worked from the dining room table. Now that we’re nearing the end of 2021, it’s time to revamp that workspace. Define the area, bring it to life and give it a more of a trendy modern vibe.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve a modern look in your home office that inspires productivity.

Clutter-Free Work Zone

For some, this tip may come as a surprise or be hard to imagine. When it comes to decorating your desk though, it is usually best to leave it alone. Think of your desk as a blank slate. Being free of accessories and décor can give your brain the visual space it needs, free of distractions & clutter. Plus, the white, sleek, clean slate matches the modern look perfectly.

Modern home office elegant design

Keep your desk clutter-free to help set the tone.

Neutral Color Schemes with Vibrant Accents

The neutral theme follows the same principle of having a bare desk —fewer distractions in your home office means you have the opportunity to express your creativity and finish your work as quickly and efficiently as possible. When I say neutral, don’t confuse it with sterile or boring. You still want personality and a welcoming feeling from your office. Taking a modern approach and adding splashes of color with a vibrant shade with some texture & different designs throughout the room will help bring it to life. This is an easy way to bring character to the room while remaining neutral.

Natural Light Is Key

Natural lighting is of the utmost importance in a home, especially in the office. It helps you save on artificial lighting during the day, it is beneficial for your health & it can make a huge difference in a home office. It just so happens that showcasing natural light as if it’s a focal point fits the modern theme. If you have a room in your home with large windows, this is the ideal modern home office space. Add a little character with sheer drapery & some professional window treatments to complete the look.

Natural lighting aside, it is important to have a proper “task” light (desk or lamp) that suits your needs & is practical for when there is no natural light. Remember this throughout the design process.

Professional window treatments in a modern home office

Professional window treatments can frame out your windows, completing the perfect look.

Use What You Have

If you’re trying to create an office that’s free of distraction with efficiency in mind, think about your decor choices in a functional way. Use your book collection, for example, to fill shelves or stack under a sculpture. Whichever way suits you best. Having your degrees and other professional credentials on display is another simple yet effective way to approach modern design and decor.

Chic home office design

A personal designer can find the perfect accessories for your home office.

Contact Room Reimagined Design

Contact Room Reimagined Design for quality assistance. Your office should be an oasis where your workload can be conquered. If you have a crowded space or no “space” at all, it’s time to get to work.

Even if you’ve already got the ball rolling and you have a general idea of which direction you like to go, executing your ideas can be difficult if you don’t have the design experience and knowledge. Working with a Designer/Decorator from Room Reimagined Design can eliminate the stress out of navigating this task on your own and give you a second opinion on how to properly implement your design ideas.

Are you ready to get started? Revamp your home office by connecting with Room Reimagined Design to schedule a complimentary ​consultation. From there, you can do a walkthrough of the space & go over details regarding your personal style preferences and potential ideas for the final look. Having a professional with experience in the industry can give you the leverage you need to create a trendy and comfortable office that represents you.

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