Painting Everything but the Walls

Updating Your Home: Painting Everything But The Walls

What is your first thought when it comes to interior painting? The most common answer for that is painting the walls. While this is a cheaper, easy way to redefine an area – sometimes you want to make a different statement. Some might ask how? What else can you do with paint around your home, besides painting the walls? There are many modern approaches that can make a world’s difference while adding your unique, personal flair. This includes bringing your furniture and spaces up to date. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started on your DIY painting adventures.

Old Flooring

To start, you can use paint to change up your floors. Do you have older laminate flooring or tiles in your house? Use a base color you love, let it dry, add some tape for your planned design, add your accent color(s) and do a topcoat. It adds quick character and is way more affordable than purchasing new if that’s not a possibility for you.

Another way to update your flooring is stain. Hardwood floors will last forever if you take care of them. One great way to take care of them is by sanding them down and re-staining them. This is also a great way to change the feel of your environment. Say you’re going from the classic golden oak, traditional feel, to a more modern approach. By simply re-staining your hardwood floors, you can change that golden oak to a modern grey or even a rich, chocolate brown.

Both helping you make your house feel more like your home and creating beautiful features for your family and guests to enjoy as well.

Painting everything but the walls: old flooring

While these tasks may be on the easier side, you always want to make sure your area is clean, prepped, and that you have all of the necessary information to help you succeed in your project.  This includes having the right type of paint/stain, having all the necessary equipment, and the knowledge of how to treat the surface you’re working on.

Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinetry

Let’s take a wild guess and say that your cabinets are also that golden oak. Don’t worry – this can also be updated and renewed with some TLC. There are many varieties nowadays when it comes to cabinets. You can paint them fun colors – like blue and green (very popular right now), you can paint them a classic white or black, add patterns, or re-stain them to coordinate with your vision.

Here are a few tips on how to choose which direction is right for you:

  • Classic white can either highlight a sleek modern kitchen or add peace and tranquility to a more rustic farmhouse feel.
  • Bold colors like blue, green, yellow, orange, or patterns can help you reach an eclectic ambiance.
  • More muted colors like blush, sage, or powder blue can also be used if you want color, but you want a calmer feel. This can go hand in hand with boho, classic contemporary, or even softer modern areas.
  • Classic wood varies depending on the tone of the wood. Grey tones work well with modern, darker wood tones can add some depth and lighter wood tones can help the area feel light and airy.

Painting everything but the walls: Kitchen Cabinetry

There is a multitude of options when it comes to redoing cabinetry and adding that personal touch, but the rules stay the same as far as painting or staining your floors. You want to make sure you have done research about your specific materials and that it is well-prepped and clean. You may also find some color inspiration in our article: Refreshing Colors.

Your Fireplace

Do you have a gorgeous fireplace that is the main feature in your home? Is it starting to look a little outdated?  That’s ok – there’s no need to worry, we are here to help. There are a few ways to update your fireplace without replacing everything.

Changing the look –

The easiest way to change the look is to paint! Who would have guessed that by now? This one may take a little more of a creative side, but nothing is impossible. If you have a brick or stone fireplace, you can brighten it up with a few coats of white paint. This can keep it looking classic but also keep it simple. If it is just plain, painted drywall, spice it up by adding rich, matte color to be a beautiful focal point in the room and keep that cozy feel.

Another way to change your fireplace look is the mantel. Whether it is painting it a contrasting color to the rest of the fireplace to add in some depth and character, painting it a classic white, or staining it to maintain that natural, biophilic feel.

Painting everything but the walls: Fireplace

Once again – don’t forget everything should be clean and dry. Also, make sure you are using the correct primer, stain, topcoats, base colors, and materials for your space before you start your project to ensure you have the best-finished product available!

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