Professional Hotel Interior Designer

Hotels were designed for people to escape the real world for a bit, to house travelling businessmen and women, or simply serve as a place to stay for weary travelers. These guests expect the very best accommodations when they stay at your location, from modern bathroom utilities to contemporary furnishings and modern technology.

Give your guests what they want! Whether you are a new hotel ready to break ground or an existing establishment that needs a bit of a refresh, Room Reimagined Design by Decorating Den Interiors can help. We are a full service hospitality designer providing tailored decorating solutions for MN and WI  hotels.

We understand that your brand is your baby, and we know the importance of having cohesion throughout your hotel design. We will help you capture the essence of your hotel and inject it into every aspect, from the lobby area to each individual guest room.

Working with Room Reimagined Design:

  • You are involved in every step of the design process.
  • Your project will always be handled within the budget and time parameters that you set.
  • We handle all of the work, including installation, so you can focus on your guests.
  • We work as to cause as minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation as possible.

Room Reimagined Design can help you impress every person that walks through your hotel doors. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning lobby or  a complete redesign of an entire floor, our team can help!

Trust the expertise at Room Reimagined Design to create a stunning hotel location. Contact us today at (651) 387-3861 for your hotel design consultation.

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