Designing and Accessorizing Small Bathrooms

Insight on Designing and Accessorizing Small Bathrooms

Small spaces can feel limited when you’re thinking redesign. It is easy to have it at the bottom of your list because of its “limited possibility”. Your first thoughts may be that there’s little to work with and would the small adjustments even change the overall effect? Speaking from experience, it can and will make a difference. The square footage of your bathroom doesn’t determine its style and functionality. Even the smallest changes made can make a major impact, if executed correctly.

Here is some professional design insight that can help you take control of your bathroom – making it feel much larger than it actually is.

Try Minimalism

Controlling your clutter & having minimal accessories is a good start. In small spaces, this is especially important. If your bathroom is in need of a new look, first think about how it currently looks and feels. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many accessories do you have? Are they taking over the room?
  • Is everything proportionate to the space?
  • Do you have artwork on the walls? Is it complimenting or crowding the room?
example of accessorizing small bathrooms

It’s never impossible to change up your bathroom, no matter the size.

A bathroom is often a place you go to pamper yourself, unwind and relax after a hard day. Loud colors, too many accessories, and unnecessary furniture make it difficult to achieve that goal of relaxation. A minimalist approach to design and accessorizing small bathrooms decor may be the way to go— neutral walls, simple accents, minimal accessories, shelving, and additional storage where possible can help you achieve that simplicity and style.

Is Minimalism Not For You? Try Uniformity

Maybe the thought of neutral colors and keeping the walls bare doesn’t match up with your style. You can incorporate your personality in your new bathroom redesign, just try decorating with uniformity in mind. Maybe it is sticking with a specific color scheme, or hanging decor in a way that complements the rest of the room without making it stick out – in a negative way.

Using wallpaper in small bathrooms

You can coordinate your accessories with a fun wallpaper.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

Your bathroom is the last place that you want to clutter with furniture, but of course, you still need storage. Organization, style, and functionality are the key elements when designing your bathroom. Make sure you remember this when you’re looking for storage solutions. Floating shelves are one of the easiest ways to maximize the floor space and keep it tidy. There are also many storage options inside your linen closet. Keeping your items tucked away in baskets and cubbies helps keep your bathroom visually free of all the everyday items.

Storage options in small bathrooms

Storage can be practical and esthetically pleasing.

Natural Light Is Your Best Friend

One of our top design insights, no matter the room, is to utilize and maximize the amount of natural light. Bathroom windows tend to have a small window if any windows at all. That is why it is so important to make sure you take advantage of natural lighting. If you do have a window, the simplest way is to add sheer drapery and light-colored walls — the natural light bounces off the walls and makes the room feel open and airy.

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