Spring Décor Refresh For Your Home

It’s time for a décor refresh

Is it time to refresh your home’s décor? Consider decorating with textiles to add personality and unique style to the area.  Textiles help to create a comfortable, visually stimulating room by using a variety of, textures and patterns. Here are a few tips to help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect textiles.

Spruce up your walls with more than just paint

Wallcoverings (wallpapers) are hot right now!!  Thankfully they are not like the papers of yesteryear.  Instead, they go on flawlessly, stay intact for years, and can be easily removed when the time comes.  Depending on your style goals and your room’s existing furniture and accents, you may want wallpaper with intricate triangular designs that reflect a modern theme or a wall covering that gives off the illusion of wood for more depth and a striking rustic appearance.

Elegant bathroom - spring decor refresh

Whether your gathering area features contemporary furniture with clean and defined lines, or antique upholstered furnishings, there is a range of wall covering options that work well with any existing design style. Consider all four walls in a small powder room or an accent wall in the family room.   Decorating with wallcovering that provides head-turning patterns and hues will quickly enrich your space, and not disappoint!

Use fabric window treatments to add to the wow factor

Window treatments are another effective design feature that brings an extra element of flair and texture to your space. They often take center stage as the focal point of the room, so taking advantage of the many colors, fabrics, and styles at your disposal can go a long way in transforming the area. A few things to consider when designing your window treatments include the type of fabric, pattern vs. solid, weight of the treatments on your hardware, and the length of the treatment in proportion to the wall and window.

Fabric window treatments in a spring decor refresh

Select a color scheme

After you’ve chosen which key elements you want to change or add to your living room, decide on your color palette. The hues you select will help determine which type of patterns you should decorate with and how to layer them.  Maybe a different shade of the same color for each textile will work best in your space. Or you might want to try different hues that are next to one another on the color wheel, such as blues and greens, as these share the same undertones and effortlessly make a great pair.

If you’re planning on layering multiple fabrics in one small area, start with a solid fabric for sofas and chairs, and then add throw pillows, draperies, and an ottoman that incorporates rich textures and perhaps a pop of deep color.

light blue and white color scheme in a master bedroom

Layering your fabrics

There are many different approaches you can take when it comes to layering your textiles. One popular strategy is choosing a single hue and layering it evenly throughout the room. For example, if you’ve chosen a soft blue shade as your primary color, layer it with your wall covering, window treatments, area rugs, throw pillows, and blankets.  It may sound boring, but using different patterns and textures in a monochromatic color scheme can be very inviting and luxurious.  Use a variety of tone-on-tone fabrics to put together a coordinated appearance.

Layering fabrics in spring decor refresh

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