Hourly Consulting

  • GENERAL DECORATING CONSULTING                                                         

If you are just looking for some ideas, and you need some professional advice to go forward with your decorating, we would be happy to do a walk-thru of your home and talk to you in detail about what each room could use in terms of decor.  This would be a good option if you like to shop for yourself, and you just need some direction to pull things together on your own.




  • NEW BUILD OR REMODEL CONSULTING                                                                               

In-home or in-showroom recommendations for flooring, tile, cabinetry, counter tops, light fixtures, etc.


  • MISCELLANEOUS BY THE HOUR SERVICES                                                                       

May include, but not limited to: space planning, rearranging furniture, hanging artwork and re-  purposing accessories.


***Hourly Consulting/Services Billed at $125/Hr.